Sunday, May 11, 2014

This Weekend We- More Babies, More Banjos

This weekend we had the best idea-- have our friends come hang out, but not just for the evening, not even for just one night, but for the whole weekend. It felt like a mini-vacation. It was equal parts fun and relaxing. There was time for all the good stuff: bonfires, banjos, babies, lots and lots of cheese, mimosas, afternoon naps, and stand-up comedy.

I highly recommend the whole weekend hang-out. It leaves you lots of time for the best part, and you don't feel guilt neglecting laundry and dusty corners.

 Arlo and Felix might not resemble each other as much at their fathers' resemble one  another, but watching them play together is even cuter.

Although I have to admit, their dads' friendship is pretty cute.

Arlo taught Felix how to eat with a spoon and how to walk down the stairs facing forwards. Felix encouraged Arlo to give babbling a fair shot.

And because it's fun to look back at other hang-outs with some of our favorite peeps:
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  1. fun! love all the music playing going on. do you play any instruments?

    when we were in between houses we briefly lived with our friends in their back house. it was like a month long hang out :) and it was a blast.

    1. I play nothing, but I sing loudly, enthuses tidally and quite badly.