Friday, May 2, 2014

Beautiful Words

A few weeks ago I showed up for the play part of a work/ play day on my friend Becky's new farm. People were finishing up projects as the sun started to sink into the horizon. My camera only had juice for one shot, which may have been for the best because everything about the scene was so damn beautiful that I would have ruined the moments clicking away.

I first met Becky in an English class at college. She was so cool and beautiful that she was a little intimidating. She is still just as cool and certainly just as beautiful, but she doesn't intimidate me much anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening on her farm eating a burger while kids ran around  playing ghost in the graveyard. She is a part of an amazing community over in Charles County, diverse and thoughtful and fun to be around.

This past week Southern Maryland got days and days of rain. As I was getting irratible in a house with kids who needed to get out, I focused on my own problems and annoyances. Meanwhile, Becky wrote something beautiful.

You should go read it. 

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