Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blue Wednesday

I don't do week nights.

Week nights are for all the lazy pleasures I discussed earlier this week. Family dinners. Early bedtimes. Maybe if we are feeling a little wild, half of a movie.

But when my best friend is visiting from Brooklyn, I am willing to break my self-imposed rules to drive up the road a bit and eat Ledo's pizza and drink gin and tonics and walk down to the pier in a bluish glow.

It's a fine way to spend a Wednesday, even if it did make me bitterly nostalgic.

On the way up, we stopped at a liquor store we patronized occasionally in college. And as I walked in, I for a moment forgot about the husband and three kids sitting in my mini-van. There was something about the humidity in the air and having just enough cash in my pocket to buy six precious beers that transported me, made me feel like the self I was for a few years when Joanna and I first became friends. It was powerful and fleeting.

Nostalgia is hard sometimes. It doesn't matter how content I am with my present, there will always be a part of me that longs for moments past-  times when I was younger, times when my kids were younger (the older ones at least). But then I try to remind myself that there will be a time when I long for what is now my present, so I had better get busy living in it. 


  1. First of all, I hear you on no week days. I do not like hanging out with people during the week. It's our family time. Weekends are open but the weeks are a blur enough as it is. Some people think I'm an asshole for that but I don't really care.

    Nostalgia is hard and it is so invasive sometimes. All it takes it a song, a smell and you are instantly transported and it makes your heart ache. It's a crazy thing. Glad you had fun with your best friend!