Monday, November 16, 2015

Hitchhikers and Jesus

Sometimes I pick up hitchhikers. I have never done it with my children in the car and I never imagine that I will. I cannot compromise their safety.

But I can compromise my own.

I believe in Jesus. The Jesus I serve told me that if someone is hungry, I am supposed to give them food. If they ask to borrow money, I am supposed to lend. I figure that an outstretched thumb is the equivalent of a request, and I am supposed to help those in need.

Very few people see it my way, Christian or otherwise. Almost every one tells me how stupid I am. How dangerous it is. I suppose they are right.

But Jesus never told me to stay safe. He never told me to protect myself.

What he did tell me to do was to turn the other cheek. To love those who hate me. He told me to put back my sword.

Loving people is a dangerous game, but if I die at 31 or I die at 93, either way my life is infinitesimally small in the face of eternity. And I want to make my brief existence count. I want to love to the very best of my ability.


  1. But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative--that is, the Holy Spirit--he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you. ~Jesus (John 14:16)
    My spirit is leaping this morning at your words, at God's immeasurable goodness that cannot be understood fully by even those who choose to embrace it, at memories of my own hitchhiker callings, at just seeing the name of Jesus on my blog feed....I barely come around anymore because it's just not a place to be fed, you know? No substance, no edification in a time when the world is travailing and groans loudly for the sons and daughters of God to stand up and reveal themselves just like it says in Romans.... Anyhow, yes. Yes, to this post. I believe we are like the Word says, a peculiar people, and we don't always make "sense" to those led by common sense. Yet, we have an Advocate, the one who leads us in to all truth and guides us through the day. Jesus said before his crucifixion to his disciples, "It is better that I leave you because then God will send you the Helper, who will guide you." The Holy Spirit is not an "it" but a person! So we actually do have Jesus in spirit right here with us counseling us in our hearts, comforting us like a friend who came over to listen, helping us throughout our day, teaching us away from the world's right way into God's pure and perfect way, and guiding our steps. Even guiding us to do things that seem irrational sometimes BUT the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God (1 Corinthians 3:19) and Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:5 that our faith should not rest on human wisdom but God's power alone..... So it's not all a matter of what is right and what is "good" but rather what is The Father telling us to do personally? Even Jesus said over and over, "I do nothing that the Father does not say, everything I do is from Him and to bring Him glory." And we have the same experience once we are born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit, it's like having a blue tooth and on the line with Jesus, Himself..... I also can say that since my children were born, the Holy Spirit has not given me unction to pick up anyone any longer except one pregnant woman walking. It was prayerfully that I went back for her and later that night when she called me from a pay phone (yes, I gave her my testimony and number) asking for a ride with a story about being stranded, the Spirit told me sharply "No!" He impressed on my heart that danger waited for me and I had knowing that she was with a man that meant me harm. I praise God for His faithfulness, He has plans for my life that do not include a tragic end that would send my family into a tailspin with their own budding faith in His love. The Holy Spirit is guiding my steps and if I listen to Him and stay on the narrow path, it leads right to eternal life..... We often quote Jesus in this house, "“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." Wow, God is the ultimate Father! He has poured out so much wisdom if we would only seek it!
    I guess you can tell what gets me all chatty, ha ha! Jeremiah's words are so beautiful and a characteristic I only wish were my constant state of mind, "But if I say I'll never mention the LORD or speak in his name, his word burns in my heart like a fire. It's like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can't do it!"
    Blessings from above on you and yours today, Rachel Weaver :)

  2. P.S. When your comment is longer than the post you're commenting on......... *insert laughing tears emoji*

  3. Oh girl. I wish more people followed this Jesus. And thank you, for your kindness to strangers, as well as you own <3

  4. I just wrote a heartfelt response to this after coming back to read and reread your words. Somehow that response disappeared into internet think air. Either way, thanks for all your wise words. I'm a world full of brokenness, Jesus is the answer. And you seem to understand him in much the same way I do. Which doesn't seem to be how all Christians do, which can make me feel alone at best, hopeless at worse.

    1. Sorry, hopeless isn't the right word. There is always hope.