Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Weekend We- Packed Our Bags...

This weekend we packed our bags badly and loaded up and headed out to see friends and drink boozy hot chocolate to our hearts content.

Arlo and his almost birthday twin banged on drums and pianos, and stole each other's toys. Sena made sure to orchestrate her requisite dance party, and if Arlo had just let me sleep, for even just a little bit, I might have more to say tonight as I recollect. But alas, Arlo decided he didn't like being in a new place, and our plans of breakfast and visiting a friend's beautiful new house were abandoned in favor of getting home early and napping in familiar beds.

Any friends who will make you bacon and hazelnut hot chocolate  are absolutely friends worth keeping. Also, you really, really, want to make this hot chocolate. Please, listen to me on this matter. 

Babies in overalls,  Instax pictures, amazing wall paper, and awesome women who encourage your wacky daughter to let her freak flag fly-- the things weekends should be made of.

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