Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Retrospective #3

I'm grateful for the summer sun that sets later and let's us linger at the water's edge, that turns everything golden and beautiful and ends the day with a touch of magic. I love looking at my little girl's messy bun that catches the light just so, and watching my littlest man discover that seashells aren't edible. And I like the treasures they find and the sounds of the ferry passing, and I like walking home with sand on our legs and between our toes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Retrospective #2

I prefer sand to concrete and would rather swim in salt water than chlorine any day, but summers on the bay mean sea nettles and luke warm water that offers no relief. On those days, I pack up my little people for the town water park, just a lazy river, two big slides, and a hand full of kiddie attractions. When the bay or ocean aren't options, I would rather be at a pool myself, but this is closer and the kids love it. We bought season passes but we haven't gotten our monies worth, though I guess we have a few more weekends to take advantage of it til it shuts its doors for the season. 

It's worth braving the crowds and suffering without a lounge chair to watch Sena and Gus play with their whole hearts. It's worth it to watch their heads pop out from the middle of inner tubes or disappear behind waterfalls.Their little brother will be joining them in splashing and sliding soon enough, too soon in fact. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Retrospective #1

In the hustle and chaos and excitement of moving. there were lots of beautiful weeks, days, moments captured but not shared. Moments I loved completely and want to hold on to. So the next few days I'm going to let myself linger in them, look back over them, and give them a few words to make them last longer.

Oh Ocracoke, I love you. I love the surf and the sand, sticky kids and my chubby boy sleeping on my beautiful mama. I love our summertime friends and our row of beach cars. I love Mrs. Kathy's snacks and the years of so many boys and just my one, smiling daughter in their midst. And I love that this year another girl was added to our beach tribe, just in time for Arlo to fall in love with her.
I love the beach when it is peaceful and when it is chaotic. And I love it most for it always being there, awaiting our return.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fishin' Lessons

There are reasons upon reasons why I'm convinced we were supposed to raise our children in tribes, why we were supposed to have a crowd of people to love our children, teach our children, protect our children. Some of the reasons are deeply profound and others are wonderfully simple. The tribe will teach them to fish, even when the parents were never much for bait and lures. 

There's so much those other grown ups can teach my little people, things my heart doesn't love, things my hands don't know how to do.

Gus wears his lucky hat, caches us dinner, and tells tales of ones that got away. Thank you Josh and Steve and Andrew. Thanks for being a part of my kids' tribe and for not just givin' them a fish.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Weekend We

Life is moving so quickly and so beautifully, and there are so many words and images and moments I want to share, but it is all moving fast, too fast.
Last weekend we filled our new house up with family of every variety: mamas, papas, grandmas, aunts,  uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins. Filling our new home with the people we love so dearly, so deeply, made it even more ours.

It felt so sweet and joyful. We introduced our littlest man to lots of family he had yet to meet (Josh and Veronica we missed you instantly), and we showed off our wonky old/ new cottage to family who hadn't seen it's imperfect glory. There was lots of porch sitting and beach visiting and food eating and diet soda drinking. And it was good, really good.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Isn't Ending

The past few weeks have been crazy and chaotic and mostly amazing. We finally moved into the house we put a contract on in January. And we love it. We've been busy moving, unpacking, painting, cleaning, drinking cocktails on our new porch and making friends in the neighborhood. We've spent time water tubing and exploring the beach and trying to train an old lady dog a friend found on the side of the road.
Tomorrow when I go back to school, I vow not to allow myself to feel like summer is over. I vow to let this season linger. There is too much sunshine left and too much greatness to be had.

Sometime soon I'll sit down to think of more words to paint this time of my life with, and I'll find pictures from a camera that doesn't moonlight as a phone, and I'll give myself the moments I need to help myself remember.