Monday, September 2, 2013

This Weekend We- Labor Day, Banjo, Beaches, and Babies

This weekend Arlo got to try try his hardest to bite his almost birthday friend. And Tom played banjo with his almost twin friend. And the men carried babies in slings down to the beach and we ate so much cheese and we cooked and then ate more cheese and there was time for porches and beers, cocktails and friendship, and it was good, really good.

There always seems to be time enough on three day weekends- time for estate sales and time to buy a min-van, and still time left for bluegrass and babies. I'm going to start a petition to working for instituting monthly three-day weekends. I hope you'll join in my cause. 

* Tom, I promise next time to get more pictures of you doing awesome manly things, such as smoking your pipe. 


  1. I AM SO WITH YOU!!!! our work weeks are way too long. this looks like a dream weekend. what is it about guys carrying their babies close to their hearts in slings? i guess it is why every baby boy should probably have a babydoll to tote around, to grow up and cherish being amazing daddies.

    arlo is getting so big and so handsome!

    1. Men and babies is the best. I might have missed the sling train with guys but I think Arlo might be gettin' a doll for Christmas. Hope you and your family are doing well and enjoyed an extra day to yourselves.