Friday, May 2, 2014

These Are Not Real Problems

These aren't problems, real or otherwise. It's not a problem to have a house full of people trying to help you. It's not a problem to be surrounded by family. But for some reason, yesterday, it felt like it was.

Maybe it was the days of rain.
Maybe it was an absence of down time.
Maybe it was hormones or the moon or some sort of terrible, but thankfully brief curse.
Maybe it was because sometimes I am a baby.

What I know is that life is short and chaotic and full of people and things that I love. And today I have to do a better job keeping myself together because really, there is no need for bad attitudes.

And the sun is shining.

 Happy May. I'm glad today is Friday.


  1. So feel you on this one mama! I'm right there about once a month. Then it makes me more mad that I'm in a shitty mood for no reason. Hope this week is better! :)

    1. Have fun in Chicago. The weekend is right around the corner-- I can get through.