Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Weekend We

I feel like we should be good at Memorial Day Weekends. We live in the right place, and we love cook-outs. And yet, somehow, every Memorial Day I feel like I made the wrong choices, that I didn't do the best thing.

Early last week I vowed to not repeat the mistakes of Memorial Days past. I was determined to make this one the thing of Wes Anderson colored day dreams.

However, I'm left with that lingering feeling that yet again, this particular holiday let me down a little bit, despite the fact that the weather was beautiful and the weekend had not a bad moment. It had a handful of great ones: big breakfasts, endless hours at the beach, cook-outs,  pier jumping, and some seriously good late-night movie watching. Oh, and there was a pretty awesome water gun attack while some poor, unsuspecting kids were just trying to enjoy their root beer floats.

The extra day leaves time for a little more sleeping-in, yard work, and few dips in the bay.

I am  of the school that declares Memorial Day the beginning of summer, maybe since that is the fastest way to get to the start of my favorite season.

Maybe next year I will nail the whole Memorial Day thing. This year was just fine just the way it was.


  1. I felt the same way!! I'm pretty sure I should be killin' it at vacation weekends, and yet, I did not feel relaxed when it was over and definitely felt vaguely on edge the whole weekend. Maybe because I was hosting? Next year, I need to be a guest at someone else's beach house.

    1. Kate, if that's a hint that you want invited down next Memorial Day, consider this your official invitation. But you gotta make crounuts.

    2. Hahaha, deal! Spring is the perfect time to leave Maine - MD is so superior in the spring. I don't even see any jellyfish in that water!