Monday, May 5, 2014

This Weekend We

This weekend we played bell to bell, and that makes it a whole heck of a lot easier to wake up on Monday mornings. Making it even easier still is the sun shining by the time I leave for work and the knowledge that that the evening holds plenty of daylight for walks and beach excursions.

We ended on a high note: a Sunday dinner bonfire with hot dogs, lots of stolen potato chips, and blissfully dirty kids.

We're in a minor transition period. My brother is moving in with us, trading his numerous skills for rent, helping us get our house ready for an attempt to refinance in a few months.  That man is a worker if I ever knew one. He's piling into our to-do list with an energy I have never personally known. My yard is on its way to looking like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, and on rainy days when he can't get be outside moving, digging, and edging, he has dinner ready and waiting. 

I'm from a family that doesn't fly far from the nest, and he had spent far too long on the West Coast. So now five of the six of my parents' children live between two houses right next door to one another. We just might be a rather strange flock. 


  1. I love your family. Currently just two of my parents' five live here, with my sis an hour away, one brother seven hours or so in LA and my other brother nearly twelve hours away in utah. I hate it! I think I'll demand that when my kids are grownn up they're next door to me.

    1. Our kids owe us-- we feathered the nest and they better never fly far.