Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Weekend We- Packed It In

By the time we were pouring water over the fire pit on Friday night, which I guess was actually Saturday morning, it felt like I had already had a full weekend. We had already had friends over, invited because, as I said, I didn't want to think that other people's first weekend of spring would exceed ours.  Sena danced by the fire while friends played music; Gus helped fuel the flames. And a whole lot of goodness got packed into a few hours.

But the weekend didn't end there, which is usually how I operate. Normally, I can only handle one night full to bursting with friends and fun and one too many drinks. But this weekend we filled in all the minutes, and we drove up to Pennsylvania to spend the day with Matt and Carrie and Felix, and it was certainly worth the long drive.

I love being at their house because it is full of so much energy. Kids running around, banjos being rebuilt and then played loudly with rotating accompaniment. Trips to get ice cream. Trips to get pizza. Color spilling out of every corner. 

It was a great first weekend of spring. I'm going to pray against the snow storm on the horizon and beg for warm days and sunshine to stay around until the end of autumn. 

And I'm also going to fight against my tendency to live for the weekend, and do my best to fill this week with as much joy and laughter as possible, to let the greatness of the past few days pour into Monday and beyond. 

I have more pictures of their house to share later this week. The pictures just hint at the amazingness of their home. There were all sorts of things I wanted to snap away at, but there were too many kids and too much activity to get it all this go around. I'm hoping that just means I can make up an excuse to go up their by myself one of these days.