Friday, April 18, 2014

Anne Marie Gardens and Thoughts On Education

A couple of days last week I had to stay home with my kids because my parents needed to go be with my grandmother.

They were sad days, but I didn't want them to be wasted. There is always joy to be found, but often times you need to look for it.

We drove down to Anne Marie Gardens to wander. It is a sculpture garden with all sorts of kids play areas. Gus liked looking around for the painted rocks to collect and move  around. Sena was embarrassed at the sight of several nudes along the Women's Walk. I was able to make another tally on my 2014 Field Trip Goal. I have it in my mind that I want them to go on 10 field trips before my home school review in June. The weather was perfect, and Arlo was angelic. It was good in every way possible.

As we drove home, I had a moment of doubt about the way I try to educate my kids and about field trips in general. I wondered if they had actually learned anything looking at some pieces of metal scattered among the trees.

But then I had two related thoughts:

1. Who cares?

2. Learning is only part of the big picture.

Why does everything have to be educational? Why can't things be fun? The kids had a great time. I had a great time. While they may not have acquired any factoids, they had their imaginations stirred, which brings me to my second thought.

Learning, as in the accumulation of knowledge and skills, is useless alone. If my kids can't appreciate and enjoy then I will have failed them. These days, weeks, years of their lives are not just for completing tasks.

Maybe they didn't learn anything, but they experienced something, and that's what matters.


  1. This place looks awesome! And you're right, who cares! They are learning, they are using their imaginations and it looks like they had an amazing time!!

  2. OHHHH how much i love this!!!!!

    this might be my favorite batch of your pictures yet. the one of all of you together made me smile big. what a merry little band, and how lucky your kids are to have a mama who truly sees the big picture. they will never forget it and they will surely grow to be amazing adults full of confident joy.