Tuesday, March 21, 2017

with just one

A couple of weeks ago, right before I came down with the flu and was housebound for nearly two weeks, the three big kids went to Ocracoke with my mom, leaving Tom and I with only Alamae for five days straight.

Now when you only have one child, having one child seems like quite a lot of work. Back when there was only Sena, five days straight with only Sena felt like life. A life that had difficult moments and joyful moments of joy, but very few relaxing moments.

However, once you add three more kids to the mix, going down to just one is relaxing. So relaxing that you invite yourself to your best friends' apartment for a sleepover/ mini-vacation because what's one, single kid?

We ate Mexican food and stayed up late drinking tequila and walked for coffees the next morning. We ate a beautiful breakfast on their sun-streaked dining room table and then explored their antique store when they had to go open their doors.

But really, the time spent with just one daughter was actually far more profound than a great weekend. It was about getting to see Alamae for who she is without the influence or distraction of older siblings. It gave me time to tickle her toes and carry her around on my shoulders and decipher her words. It gave me the space to fall deeply in love with my two year old girl.


  1. I love that photo of Alamae on the sofa, and how special for you to have time and space to reconnect. As always, I admire your atmospheric photography.

  2. Hey, I miss your posts. Hope all is well <3