Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rear View Mirror

This year has been so good to me, so sweet, so nearly perfect.
And I am so grateful for this little space on the internet where I documented so many joys and gratitudes.
And  I spent too many hours looking back over this year and all of the wonderful things it brought, and because I'm feeling sentimental, I'm sharing some of my favorite moments again.

(1)Alumni Swimming, (2)Wintry Beaches, (3) Friends Got Old, (4) Weekend Trips,  (5) A Perfect 29th Birthday, (6) October Happened, (7) Summer Splashing, (8) Friends Got Married,(9) County Fair

And this list doesn't even include all the book clubs, kid birthday parties, house projects, and family moments that have really brought me so much joy.

It's good to slow down. It's good to remember.

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