Monday, December 9, 2013

Arlo Will Be One

One year ago tomorrow, I woke up frustrated and impatient, ready to meet a still unnamed little man who was not yet ready to meet me. I walked up and down the foggy boardwalk, mile after mile, trying to force his little hand. Tom drove me to my ultrasound appointment so they could check on him, two weeks overipe, and I hoped that I was not imagining my contractions. I was hoping he would still come on his own time, hoping that his own time was upon us.

And while they monitored his heartbeat, my water broke and we drove straight to the midwife, and a few short hours later, our big, fat boy was born.

And that boy has brought me so much joy. He has brought me happiness and peace with his rolls and his laughter. He has made our family better just by being with us.

Today, he is 27 lbs. He has 8 teeth. He has been walking for a month. He in enamored with fans. He rarely says words. He waves bye-bye and pats my back when he thinks I am sad. He is a bad sleeper and a good eater.

And he makes my heart explode daily.

We'll be celebrating my youngest boy on Sunday, with birthday hats and brunch and a room full of family.

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