Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post- Holiday Red Bliss

I think that last night we established a new holiday tradition, quite possibly my favorite holiday tradition. This new tradition involves buying your family and friends matching footie pajamas and having them come over and roll around like giant babies. 
It involves taking ridiculous pictures in front of your tree and setting up a slack line in the dark. It involves eating coq au vin lovingly prepared in your beautiful, elegant copper dutch oven in pajamas with butt flaps. It involves board games and a lot of cheese. It involves laughing and maybe a bit of grossness. 

I'm feeling happy and ready to say good bye to Christmas, ready to take down the Christmas tree earlier than usual, ready to think about what I want from the new year, ready to bunker down through January. I'm feeling hopeful that my spirits are going to lift and I'll be back to being filled with joy.

P.S.  These pajamas already have plans for a boozy, hot chocolate, sleepover in a couple of weeks. Best purchase of my life. 

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