Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Retrospective #2

I prefer sand to concrete and would rather swim in salt water than chlorine any day, but summers on the bay mean sea nettles and luke warm water that offers no relief. On those days, I pack up my little people for the town water park, just a lazy river, two big slides, and a hand full of kiddie attractions. When the bay or ocean aren't options, I would rather be at a pool myself, but this is closer and the kids love it. We bought season passes but we haven't gotten our monies worth, though I guess we have a few more weekends to take advantage of it til it shuts its doors for the season. 

It's worth braving the crowds and suffering without a lounge chair to watch Sena and Gus play with their whole hearts. It's worth it to watch their heads pop out from the middle of inner tubes or disappear behind waterfalls.Their little brother will be joining them in splashing and sliding soon enough, too soon in fact. 

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  1. your kids are so dang cute and i love how you guys have to be in water no matter which way, you'll take it! looks pretty dang fun to me :)