Monday, July 15, 2013

This Weekend We- Folks Got Hitched

Celebrating love is pretty much the best thing. Celebrating love with pool parties, kebabs, sparklers, dark 'n' stormies, excessive cowboy paraphernalia, guns (?), canoes, pontoons, frisbee games, dancing, and loads of friends while at a beautiful creek side estate is almost more than the heart can handle.

Sena and Gus only left the pool to grab from the "free table" goodies: sheriff badges, sunglasses, flip flops, bandannas. Tom Russian danced with Arlo. Friends ran around helping to grill and serve, mix drinks and clear bottles. It was the kind of wedding where everyone pitched in and some people downright worked their butts off. I stared at the stars and felt good about marriage. 

The next morning we devoured donuts with abandon, and the kid, including the oh so buoyant Arlo,swam and swam until the real world beckoned.

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