Monday, December 2, 2013

This Weekend: Bonfires and Goose-Chili

This weekend we celebrated my friend Andrew, an old-fashioned country gentleman, who is now one year older.  We celebrated with goose- chili and bonfires. Gus explored barns full of fox furs, and I watched my Dad shoot skeet. The lines between friends and family were perfectly blurry and faded as we hung out in Andrew's wonderful, old farmhouse. And I completely and totally regretted forgetting my camera at home.

This particular country gentleman is not the birthday boy, but it is worth noting, he is so firmly attached to place that his last name is the same as his town. Now that's country. I've never met a New Yorker with the last name Manhattan. 

It was good to breathe in crisp, wintry air in open fields. And it was even better to come inside to warm my toes and dig into the biggest bowl of guacamole I think I've ever seen. 

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