Monday, April 15, 2013

Wintry Beaches

There is something special about a wintry beach, something raw and powerful. 
And though I prefer hot sand and straw hats, I don't miss an opportunity to bundle up and brave the wind on the water's edge. 
There is space and emptiness and lots of unbroken stretches. 
The shoreline is free of sandcastles and there are no surfboards dotting the waves. 
The kids walked along the dunes for almost two miles, hiding and then reappearing. 
Climbing up hills and then rolling down. 
I liked watching the wind whip their hair, and I loved their rosy cheeks afterwards.
Those moments were good, and they were important, but I still am ready for June all the same.


  1. I love your blog! It looks like such a fun time at the beach! I wished we lived closer to one!

    1. Thanks Kathleen. We live right on the water, but it's just the Chesapeake. These are from the ocean. Once the jellyfish come in, I definitely wish I was in the Atlantic.