Friday, March 27, 2015

Fairweather Friend

I wish I was more outdoorsy, that I made it a consistent priority to breathe fresh air and get a little dirty. I wish I knew the names of birds and insects and that I could start a fire more easily. I wish I went out there when it was cold and damp, that my family was good at setting up camp.

But the truth is, I prioritize dozens of things above moments outside, especially when it's not that warm.  Laundry needs to be put away. Dinner needs to be started. My sister has come over to drink coffee. So the outdoors wait, and I sneak a peek at my phone or a blog, and I see all the folks living in the great wide  open while I'm inside.

I want to be one of them-- those people who own all weather jackets and appropriate footwear. But I've never been that woman. My family never went camping growing up. My first night in a tent was when I was thirteen on a mission trip to Venezuela. Most of my camping experience since then has been right beside my car while on the side of a mountain for some music festival or another. In college a friend's boyfriend criticized us for our indoor ways-- he was off to play midnight soccer, while we were content with a board game, a box of wine, and a stereo blasting our favorite live shows.

All day yesterday I vowed to get out there, to put everything else aside. But then it rained and when it cleared, Alamae was fast asleep, and there was such a small window until dinner would need to be made. So plans to go to the beach turned to plans to sip tea on the porch and putter about the yard. It didn't feel outdoorsy in the way I had hoped. But we did hear the spring peepers as the evening settled in, and we spotted a cardinal hanging out on own of our azalea bushes. We discovered mole tunnels snaking through our yard, and Arlo delighted in meeting his shadow.

The weather will turn soon enough, and I will spend more time beyond these walls. For a little while longer though, I might just be a porch person, enjoying the first signs of spring from my newly hung swing.


  1. I hear you, even though my family DID go camping all the time when I was growing up! And living in the city as we do, it feels even harder to get the outdoors. I am grateful to walk my kids to and from school every day and I love noticing the details of the sky, flowers, and trees, but yes, I wish I knew more trees and bird names.

    love your spring flowers in the pot - just got some potted tulips yesterday. I'm so ready for typical spring.

  2. I love the small things that keep you out of doors for authentic reasons like walking to school or hanging the laundry.
    Hope you find your way out there sometime soon.

  3. One particular problem about camping is that you can't predict if the weather will be good the whole time, so it's really difficult to decide whether you should go or not. Though some people see that as a good thing, especially those who like to immerse themselves in nature or enjoy those little risks. Well, at least you and your family still had a great time in your yard. Haha! I will be looking forward to your adventures, Rachel! :-)

    Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors