Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Moment Just For Me

Tonight the house is dark and quiet, filled with only two souls-- me and a sleeping Alamae. The rest are off doing their own things while Alamae and I enjoy the comforts of a semi-empty home.

Tonight, I will stay up a little later, drink mint tea and watch a movie of my own choosing. Tonight, I have the luxury of finding these words, sinking into my own thoughts without interruption. It's something I have been missing as of late. When I was working, I had time during each day that was mine alone. I could think my thoughts without anyone asking me for anything. I could aimlessly drift through dozens of ideas. But this stage in my life is about efficiency, which has never been a strong suit. I have to use my moments well, especially those moments when I do not have another human being physically attached to me. My time is not my own, a price I am certainly willing to pay. But these few moments on this dark, cold spring night are appreciated and not the least bit taken for granted.  

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