Sunday, March 1, 2015

This Weekend We // Arlo and Felix

I spent Friday feeling teary over my last day teaching. Even though I am so excited to stay at home with my kids, leaving the place I've worked for the past eight years felt totally surreal and a little anticlimactic. I kept whelming up with tears.

On Saturday, I woke up out of sorts. I didn't know what to get myself into. I felt bored and restless, ready to have a baby, and equally ready to say goodbye to winter.  A serious funk was trying to settle in, but then...THEN.. I got an email from my friend Carrie, who appeared to be equally bored and restless, asking if it was okay if she drove down to hang out.

Carrie lives two hours away, so this kind of spontaneity is pretty impressive. Meanwhile, Tom took Sena and Gus to the indoor pool, Arlo fell asleep and I found myself with a quiet hour as my friend headed down. The sun was shining through the windows, and my house felt clean and calm. It was a beautiful, peaceful moment, wonderfully interrupted by their arrival. Arlo woke up to play with his friend; I got to hang out with mine.

As the evening progressed, more people streamed in. We made a big dinner. Arlo and Felix entertained us with their constant adorableness; something about watching two kids the exact same age interact is better than also any television show that has ever been made. Every single thing they do feels like the most adorable thing I have ever seen, and I just want to take pictures of it all.

It was the perfect distraction.


  1. The coordinating dino pajamas just miiiight be too much for my heart to handle.

    1. We're really good at unapologetically ramping up the adorable factor with these two.