Monday, March 9, 2015

Asenath Rose, My Ten Year Old

Sena Rose, the child who made me a mother, turned ten yesterday. For her birthday, she asked for an antique desk, a digital camera, a giant family dinner with pot roast and pound cake, and a disco dance party as soon as things settle down.  Maybe you need to know her to understand how perfectly fitting these little details are, to know how these bits and pieces map her personality as well as any string of adjectives ever could.

She has grown up so much the past few weeks, proving to be the most considerate helping hand, picking things up and organizing, always closing closets and cabinets left ajar, straightening shoes left by the front door.  At this very moment as I steal away to drink a cup of coffee and try to find the right words to explain just how proud I am of her, she is upstairs singing to her baby sister, made up lyrics sung loudly with complete abandon, filled with love and devotion.  I hope this is your happiest year yet, Sena. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your precious girl, Rachel. You wrote this piece so beautifully, mama! Happy birthing day to you, too!!

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  3. Such a sweet post and I LOVE that antique desk. It is gorgeous :) Happy birthday to your girl! x

  4. She is so proud-making! Look at her n that hair cut and that DESK! I wanna read whatever she's writing. (I can do that now��)
    Love you gorgeous Weaver women!

  5. she's such a mini you! cute dress, black leggings, writing, camera in hand!

    1. Sometimes she seems like she is so Tom's, that I almost forget how much she's mine too. She wouldn't look good with a beard though.

  6. Well NO WONDER she asked for a camera. I bet it's pretty fun for her that her baby sister has such a close birth date to hers too. I love the things she's choosing to do with her time and spirit. What an amazing ten year old. Happy birthday Asenath!