Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Few More Moments From Spring Break

We drove down to St. Mary's county because a friend found a really inexpensive fire place mantle for me, and I decided to try my best to make a day of it. After our stop at the antique center, we drove to Historic St. Mary's City. We go down to St. Mary's every June for Alumni Weekend, but we never leave the waterfront those weekends, and so the kids had never been to the historic site. Unfortunately, they don't have the re-enactors on Sundays, so I don't feel like that itch was fully scratched. But it was pleasant all the same. 

Your kids can only be who they are, in every single moment. Sena had to read every plague, while Gus abandoned his shirt because the thermostat had finally inched passed 70. He wanted to rush the next thing, while his sister read and his brother remained adorably slow.

It feels like all my favorite things are just around the corner-- swimming in rivers, bays, and oceans. Cook-outs and vacations and, hopefully, some attempts at camping.


  1. Sena reminds me so much of myself when I was a little girl, writing plays and reading every historic marker or informative sign on trips. What a cute little brood you've got.

  2. "Your kids can only be who they are, in every single moment." Love this sentence.
    And that third photo is my favorite, frame-worthy!

    1. Thanks-- I just might take your suggestion.