Friday, April 11, 2014

Right Now

I'm listening to less music, enjoying more quiet, giving my thoughts space and silence to roam, though the tree peepers add just the right amount of ambiance.

I'm eating the cleanest foods I can find, giving preference to all the best things. Life, right now, seems about priorities and it makes its way into food. Christie, thanks for all Tessemae's deliciciousness. Zesty Ranch makes everything better. It makes eating healthy so much easier.

I'm doing manual labor, finishing our newly installed pine floors. I'm amazed at how much I like the monotonous, meditative task of oiling our floors. It leaves me sore and tired, peaceful and satisfied.

I'm feeling things with my whole heart. It seems like the hours of daylight  directly correspond to how much my heart can experience. My heart is so full.

I'm walking up and down the boardwalk, sometimes letting the big kids stay at the beach unattended, while Arlo and I gaze at the water, wondering, wanting, planning.

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