Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Green Grass and Hula Hoops

I had wanted to go to Ocracoke for Spring Break. I was hoping for sand, if not sun, for lots of relaxing and very little work. But it just wasn't in the cards. Instead, we spent most of the break shuffling from place to place, seeing friends and logging in lots of miles in that mini-van I spoke of.

As it turns out, it was a perfectly wonderful way to spend a break in the spring. Ocracoke will wait for us until July.

Last Monday we drove up to Lorien's new house and explored her new town. We spent the overcast afternoon at Ladew Topairy Gardens with a couple of other friends. The kids found frogs and watched them mate. They rolled down hills and got themselves the perfect amount of dirty.

Afterwards, we went back to Lorien and Graham's house for amazing homemade pizzas, hula hopping, bonfires, and tree climbing. We ended the night in a pile of blankets and feet, watching Frozen. The next morning brought scrapple and pancakes and a harrowing drive home complete with flashers and white knuckles.

Grown-ups talked about education and joined in with the kids when they wanted to. Those four little people, spanning eight years, played together without fussing or fighting. It was one of those moments when I felt like I might be doing something right; it just felt right. 


  1. Lorien must live near my mom? Mom lives in Monkton, a few miles from Ladew. Thanks for the sneak peek over the tall fences. :)

    1. I want to go back in a more flowery season. It's really pretty but I wanna check out some more blooms.

  2. Those topiaries are so fun! And that frog photo is just A+ ;)