Friday, January 31, 2014

Crannies and Corners- Gus's Room

Bedrooms aren't my thing. I like making spaces for living and entertaining, for eating and gathering. 
Rooms meant for sleeping, meant for solitude and rest, are hard for me to get excited about.

I've tried to help my kids create spaces for themselves. Places to play and imagine, without the chaos of the rest of the home intruding. This is Gus's space, complete with treasure chests and shark books. 

Although I wish the walls were papered in this dinosaur amazingness and that I maybe hadn't painted most of the walls in my house yellow before realizing that my shady house would benefit from more reflected light, I am embracing this room as it is now. Embracing his disgusting shark fetus in a jar and his growing collection of rocks. 

This room gets the best light in the house, so my temperamental fiddle leaf fig tree had to be moved out of the hustle and bustle of daily living where I wish I could appreciate it more often throughout the day, and into Gus's corner of our house. I sure hope that tree makes it. I'm not so sure it will.

Now if only I could get Gus to actually play in his room from time to time, to pull out the toys from his closet when he claims, as he frequently does, that he is bored, so bored.

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