Friday, January 3, 2014

2014- Embrace

As I said, I don't see this year as a year of huge change, and I'm hopeful that it won't be a year of huge challenge. And while I have lists and lists of goals and ideas, mostly I want to embrace all that surrounds me.

I want to embrace my children and my husband, my family and my job.
I want to embrace moments and feelings, friends and experiences.
I want to embrace my health and my happiness.
I want to live it fully, but not frantically.
I want to embrace slowing down, and embrace speeding up.
At the end of it all, these precious days of this one and only year in front of me, I want to know that I did it well, that I loved those around me with my whole heart, that I gave and that when I needed to, I was willing to receive.

I think sometimes I fool myself into thinking that embracing what is in front of me is resignation. But this year, I will let myself embrace things as they are at that very minute, and know that it doesn't mean that I can't work to change them, that I can't seek to improve.
I will embrace the dark circles under my eyes.
I will embrace Arlo's four o'clock cry session.
I will embrace the size of my pants and the dingy wall to wall carpet.
I will embrace our debt and my downfalls.
I will embrace it all and love it all because it is my only right now.

And I promise I will stop with all the New Year's planning and dreaming now and get on with the embracing and living.


  1. I embrace this post! I have also embraced how to use this corner of the Internet so, hi. I love you!!

    1. I cyber embrace/ hug you from a distance, friend. i love you.

  2. That's the word I chose too! I like the way you explained it.

  3. It's a good one, I think. Hope you're doing well with embracing the heck out of this year.