Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Weekend We- A Family of Three

Sena and Gus are in Ocracoke with my mama after begging her to take them there for the past month. And it's amazing to me how one child feels after having three- how easy it seems.
Yesterday was the easiest sort of day, the kind of day when the laundry didn't seem pressing and there were plenty of hours for sitting, for staring, for just being.
And then just when I might have started to get a little stir crazy, as my extroverted tendencies started to peek their heads from the warm blankets of relaxation, we headed to Baltimore for tacos and records with friends.

Some weekends I search so hard for magic, for something special, for something to be remembered. But these lazy weekends remind me that simple is special, that magic is in little moments, just as often as big.

Sometimes when I want something new, I spend an evening with an old friend, the who who carried in her "STOP- The Party's HERE" poster on the first day of college, and I remember that new doesn't mean better, that different doesn't either.

Sometimes all a Saturday needs is men in flannels posing with axes, a ton of store bought cookies, a little bit of funk, and a glass in your hand.

But although it's been easy with just little gremlin to entertain, I'm missing my big guys. 

Today is for book club reading, fire-pit building and a Downton Abbey date after the little guy is fast asleep.  

Hope you're enjoying a long, lazy weekend. 

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