Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Weekend We- Made Oh So Many Plans

This weekend we made plans for dozens of things: sleep-overs, botanic gardens, finishing projects, going on dates. I had every hour accounted for.

We were going to use those hours to their limit. This weekend was going to be full of things that I love. I would not waste precious life on the mediocre.

And then we all got sick.

But this morning we decided to preserver and make at least one of our plans come to fruition. We drove into DC to find some green space, warmth, and humidity. We explored the National Botanic Gardens, and I would say it was a pretty good idea, though we might need to go back again when I am not such a tired grump.

It was good to watch Arlo exploring on his own and to see Gus's hair sticky from the heat.

How I wish it would have been the antidote for my post-sickness mood, the angry feeling I get having wasted precious time to be ill.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I'm sorry you all got sick, especially when you had so much planned. But it sure looks like you had a great visit to DC's botanic gardens! Just looking through your pictures, I could feel the warmth and humidity. Such a great idea in the gloomy winter months. And that water feature is amazing!