Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sometimes He's Impossible

Somedays Gus declares the worse day ever. The days he gets frustrated with his video games, sent to his room. The days he falls in the snow or can't find a neighborhood friend to play with.

And sometimes on those days, I get frustrated with him. And sometimes on those days I lose my temper. I am angry that he is short-sighted and impatient and fiery. I become basically intolerant of his six-year-old-boyness.

But sometimes on the worse day ever, I suggest we have a Just Dance Competition, complete with costumes and he comes flying down the stairs as Bathorse. And for a few short moments I am convinced that I am a genius, the best mom ever.

And then a few rounds in, he is back to being bored. And I am backed to being frustrated.
Gone are my delusions of being mother-of-the-year. But at least Arlo liked it.

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