Monday, January 20, 2014


As life goes on, you get less firsts. They become few. They become far between.

The first part of your life gets an unfair proportion. First bath. First tooth. First word. First step.

Yesterday was the first day that Arlo grabbed my hand to pull me along with him. He wanted more crackers.
And it was the first time he walked around our yard.

Arlo has been walking for awhile, but it's been winter, and we can't find shoes to fit has fat, little paws. But yesterday I let him muddy his socks and help Tom and Steve build our fire pit.

Two firsts in one day- those days don't happen to grown ups. 


  1. this is so incredibly lovely. you're right - they don't happen often, and when they do, they're so special.

  2. I love firsts! I'm enjoying about one a day with my daughter right now-its so much fun!