Monday, February 24, 2014

This Weekend We- Family, Friends, Fire Pit

This weekend we played in the sun and walked around barefoot in the sand. Scooters were scooted and  forts were built and little tiny driftwood rafts sailed down a creek cold from melted snow. 

And then, things got even better.

All sorts of people we loved came over for a birthday bonfire from Gus. It was our fire pit's inaugural lighting, and I am quite certain it was a great idea to put it in. I plan to make good use of it as we finish up winter and go into spring.

On Saturday night, I could not even get over how happy I was. Happy about my friends and my family and good weather and good food. 

I was happy that Gus let us invite over our whole tribe to celebrate him. The party wasn't limited to his peers. There are so many people who love that kid and who are helping him to become the amazing human that he is, why should we just celebrate with the under ten crowd? One day my kids might steal their parties from the grownups, but for now they are happy to let us tag along. 

So we torched Christmas trees and strummed guitars, and at least one of us may have gotten a little too festive (finger pointed at myself). 

I also had one of those dorky little moments of excitement, when I realized that I was sitting on my porch with my almost nine year old daughter, while one of the guys from the much cooler, much older college band played his guitar for us. I was so eager in college- so impressed. I danced my heart out to that band every opportunity I got.

It's funny where life will take you. 

Also, my friend Maggie took the bottom five photographs. Thanks, Mags.

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