Monday, February 17, 2014

Mornings Like These

Winter is hard on Gus. He loves to be outside, but he hates the cold, or so he says. It's hard to get my little wild man bundled up and out the door. But once he's out there, as long as the snow isn't sneaking in his gloves or up his pant legs, he seems happier, more at peace.

Sena doesn't complain about the cold, and she is far better at entertaining herself. She happily spends hours writing detailed instructions for sleep-overs (which are hilarious) or organizing her dolls. And the cold doesn't seem to creep into her bones like it does with Gus.

Today we bundled up earlier than usual and headed down our hill to the beach. Gus tramped across the creek and wandered along the shore, and I think for a minute he forgot how cold he was, even if his rosy cheeks and running nose told a different story.

"I like summer more. Every day is different in summer. In the winter all we do is walk to the beach"--Gus.

I decided to take Gus's complaint as a compliment. At least I'm doing something right one season of the year, I suppose.

Inspired by  the idea of capturing my favorite time of the day.

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  1. hehe quite the adventure. hmm I think you need to have winter to appreciate the summer. :)