Friday, February 21, 2014

Right Now

I should be cleaning, but Arlo won't let me put him down.

Yesterday I should have been cleaning, but instead I took pictures. Of my house. For no reason.

Pictures of my dirty house.

Even I don't fully understand.

I'm just going to let it be for a few moments more. And then, when I'm good and ready, I will wield my tyrannical powers without regards to my lowly subjects, and force Tom, Gus, and Sena to participate in the much loathed "Ten Minute Family Clean-Up." 

It is my favorite. 

It's amazing how much four people can do in ten minutes. Usually I keep going after the timer sounds, after finally finding some motivation.

Full disclosure: During a recent Ten Minute Family Clean-Up, I, the ruler of all, was found texting with a friend in the corner. They were none too pleased. 


  1. I love that you take picture of your "dirty" house (also, your "dirty" makes me feel like a total slob); it's so real and personal. So much of the internet is so photoshopped and glossy and perfect--but that's not reality. Reality is, there's laundry and dirty dishes, sweatpants and messy hair, and that's okay. Messy life is really more beautiful than fake life any day. Love your authenticity!

    Also, that Ten Minute Family Clean-Up idea is brilliant!

  2. Love these photos.
    The one on the table is my fav tho. There is something about scenes after food I love so much.
    And the colors in that one.