Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dearest Gus, Happy Birthday

Happiest Birthday, my sweet, wild boy.
You are so funny and generous, with a touch of seriousness..
You still say the best prayers, even though you do it less now because you say you get embarrassed.
You are such a good brother.

And chess player. 
I swear I'm going to beat you one of these days.

Earlier this week one of my high school students told me he stopped kissing his mom when he was seven. This is not the thing to tell a mama two days before her son is about to turn that fateful age. Promise me you will still rush to the door when I get home from work to get the first kiss. 
Promise that I can still tuck you in at night. 

I know in my heart you are going to be a great man one day, 
but I'm so glad you are still my little boy for now.

Happiest 7th Birthday Augustus Kiernan. 
I am so glad you are mine.

Also---thank you so much Mama and Aunt Laurie. 
They took my boy for his yearly Toys-R-Us shopping extravaganza. 
Usually I have to work, but today I had to nurse a sick Arlo. 

Gus's Six Birthday here and here. 

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