Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Weekend We- Long and Ordinary and Perfectly Nice

This weekend has been a completely, wonderfully, unexpectedly ordinary weekend, except it began on Thursday and won't end until the the point tomorrow evening where I start to remember that a high school class will be waiting for me the next day.

Two snow days on top of a holiday weekend made for a min-winter break.

And we did have big plans for the weekend. We were supposed to drive to Albany so I could meet my godson and see my friend after two years. But alas, the storm that brought us an extra long weekend prevented them from flying in. I'll have to wait two more weeks before becoming a godmother, before hugging my friend who doesn't actually like hugs all that much.

So this weekend had room for puddle exploring, more doughnut adventures, and a sling shot lesson to boot. 

The next four weekends hold all sorts of plans- two birthdays, a baptism, and bourbon tasting book club at our house. All wonderful, not-as-ordinary things. Which means, we're booked up until Spring. Spring. I was very excited when I realized that.


  1. Uncle Steve would be the one to give a slingshot lesson! And tell me more about these donut adventures...

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    1. I may or may not have spent last night reading up on your donut adventures. So it looks like I'm gonna have to track down a deep fryer for some faux-nut experimenting