Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sweet and Slow

If you were to ask me "what's new?" I would wrack my brain for a moment.

"Oh... the Chesapeake's Bounty started carrying local ice cream," I might say. "I had one, single delicious shot of tequila on Saturday." "Man, that Game of Thrones finale."

The real answer is obviously, nothing is new.  Not one thing.

We pack make-shift baskets to bring to the pool. I stop to bring along an iced coffee. I tell the kids we aren't getting french fries today. We get french fries every day. Sena and Gus jump off the board over and over again. Arlo and Alamae play in the baby pool, making friends, losing toys. I come home and avoid cleaning.

We keep the windows open and the humidity brings out the citrusy smell of the tung oil we used on our floors a few years back.

I don't feel like cooking. I feed the kids blueberries and yogurt as often as I can get away with.

In these moments, you can almost believe that summer will last forever.

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  1. I love this post so much. And yes, that Game of Thrones finale!