Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This Weekend We

This weekend we were busy enough that it's taken til Wednesday to tell you about it.

It was full of restaurant shifts and photo sessions. Trips to the beach and swimming off my parents' pier.

But most notably, it got filled with a new life.

On Saturday I got to be there when my nephew Jeffery Cotton joined us earth side. And I want nothing more than to properly introduce him over here, but my sister Claire is seeking quiet and peace in these first days of motherhood, so I'll have to wait until she lets me come up so I can take a thousand pictures and, far more importantly, hold that little boy in my arms.

Logically I understand that new mothers need what they need and the rest of us have to honor their wishes. Emotionally, it feels like Christmas is happening forty-five minutes away, and I'm not invited. I am painfully excited to go see that little boy. Emphasis on the pain.

Now it is off to pack a bag for the pool and whip up some homemade sunblock. Summer is here and I don't intend to waste a moment of it.

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