Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sweet Pea, You Drive Me Crazy

I often joke that having my fourth child was promoting myself to incompetence. I could handle three. The fourth one made me hurried. Less graceful.

Sometimes she gets blamed. Dubbed more difficult than she likely deserves. In truth, she is heartbreakingly wonderful.

Her neck hugs. The way she waves her hand just twisting her wrist.  Her heavy head on my shoulder when she's sleepy.

Sometimes I look forward to when things get easier. When she doesn't cry "mame, mame, mame" in response to every need, wish or whim. But one day, when things get easier, you and I both know I'm going to miss that gap toothed, tan baby who beckoned me for her every need.


  1. that last photo - oh my goodness. Just beautiful.

    I was just complaining about my baby to my best friend today - how I just NEED A BREAK from "mama mama mama" and my husband is working/traveling really long hours right now and I'm just tired of asking for help. But yes, you carved out a pause in this post and you're right - I will miss these days later so I don't want to wish them away.

    1. But we're still allowed to complain a little, right?

  2. Ahh, such super photos ... She looks so full oF sunshine and fresh air! And you are right to cherish these moments - hold onto the body memories of her closeness because they will nourish you when she is older and far away :).