Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dinner with the Newlyweds

Last night we visited the newly weds. We ate an adorable dinner in their adorable house in their adorable new town. If I didn't love Joanna and Geoffrey so much, it would be easy to hate them. It's all just too damn cute. Too much quirk. Too much charm.

They have all the right glassware, and they know how to garnish a plate so it's pretty, but not fussy. And their apartment is loaded with weird things and old things and beautiful things. It's one part museum, one part antique store, one part bar, and a few parts pure home comfort.

And that's why it's perfect that they bought an antique store just around the corner from their new place. These two know. They have vision. An eye for the unexpectedly beautiful.

All my favorite stuff has come from Joanna. So many of the things hanging from my walls and perching on my shelves have been birthday presents and Christmas gifts from my dearest friend. And now everyone can benefit from her knack for making spaces both more fun and more elegant, while still being completely unexpected.

I'm sure I'll talk about it loads more, but for now mark your calendars: July 8th is "Meet the New Owners"  at Evergreen Antiques on 69 Maryland Ave., Annapolis MD. You could also go like the Evergreen Antiques on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. Joanna and Geoffrey haven't taken over those accounts yet, but you can use them to keep up with what's going on during the transition period.

I'm excited to spend afternoons working at the shop for them. Just as I'm excited for all the dinners and parties to come in this space. I'm excited for more evening strolls to get ice cream at Annapolis Ice Cream Company. And maybe most excited to watch my kids fall even more in love with two of my favorite people in this world. Alamae certainly warmed up to Geoff this go around.

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