Friday, June 17, 2016

Jettie Blythe, You Are One

My life is dominated by little people. It has happened gradually. The first years of motherhood were not this way. But the years have piled up, and so have the children. Now I have four of my own, a niece and a nephew. And my friends have kids too. They are everywhere, these smiling, sun kissed monsters. Ready to wipe their dirty hands on your clothing. Ready to steal the cupcake from off your plate.

On Wednesday we celebrated my niece Jettie's first birthday. Jettie who is smiles or tears, and nothing in between. A little girl with her father's disposition, her mama's sense of humor, and an impressive vocabulary. Who both my boys treat better than they treat their own baby sister. Jettie with her cat eyes and charisma. She's something special.

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  1. Naked babies in the backyard! The best thing in the world.