Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Arlo Updated

Our boy loves to smile, and he loves to laugh and be laughed at. He is trying so very hard to say words, and I sometimes like to imagine that he is saying hi.

He has patented his own high five with an impressive hand wind up, but he frequently gets distracted by said hand and decides to stare at his wrist and fingers instead of performing his one and only trick.

In the 150th percentile, he is twenty-four pounds and wearing 18-24 month clothing at 7 months, but I think he will be the gentle sort of giant.

He tolerates so much: sand, heat, grass, loud noises, an older sister who tries to carry him around, but he judges. His eyes quietly judge.

And despite all of his perfectly adorable two-toothed smiles, his face is serious, though it is also smart and so very soft.

He is a joy-giver and a peace-bringer, and he is his mama's baby boy.

I can't possibly imagine loving this little man any more.


  1. he is so gorgeous! i would love to see him next to lucy, she is only 19 pounds 5 ounces at a year. what a big, strong, handsome, peaceful boy.

    1. his reaction to most babies is to climb on top of them and gnaw on them, and lucy is super beautiful, so i'm sure the gnawing would be pretty intense.

    2. HAHA! Not sure if I ever saw this response. I'd like to see the gnawing now!

  2. You can't imagine loving him anymore? I didn't see that twist ending coming