Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This Weekend We

This weekend I spent hours upon hours working alongside my tireless mom, priming and painting my kitchen cabinets. The ample storage suddenly seems like less of a blessing when you're refinishing it.
For at least one of those many hours, my bigger little man joined me in the basement to prime cabinet doors.

I realized that Gus has my mama's heart, a hardworking, helper's heart. He is kind just like she is, and full of so much energy and love, just like she is. As I rolled and brushed downstairs with Gus, while my mom did the same in the kitchen, I was overwhelmed with how lucky I am to have these two. 

And I can't wait for my kitchen to be finished because it is gonna look amazing. 

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  1. I just spent the whole weekend priming and painting all our interior doors-so I know the feeling! Its a mad amount of work! We are thinking of doing the kitchen cabinets next, but can't decide if we should just buy new ones...can't wait to see your new kitchen! good luck!