Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family Compact

I came home last week and Sena had something for me to sign, written in her neatest handwriting- a family compact based on the one the Pilgrim's signed at Plymouth.
I have never enjoyed signing a contract so much before.

  1. We agree to always show respect to each other.
  2. We agree to allow Gus to win in arm wrestling.
  3. We agree to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together.
  4. We agree to pray each day. We agree to pray for each other.
  5. We agree to forgive each other quickly and completely.
  6. We agree to bathe "occasionally."
That's a list I can stand behind.


  1. haha, i love this! what a great list, and i can just imagine her drawing it up, pondering what is important to her family. so adorable!

  2. this is a great list and how adorable are your munchkins.