Monday, July 22, 2013

The Words of Sena R. W./ 02

Sena's long awaited second column. Here are her thoughts on moving.

To me moving has a positive and a negative. The positive is new friends, and bigger bedroom since most of the time my bedroom is as little as a walk-in closet. The negative is not being so close to my Oma and not being allowed to play in the old house yard once we move. I guess it's just superbittersweet, if that was a word. 

Memories from our house:
  • me being raised there from 0-8
  • my brother Gus being raised there from 0-6
  • my brother Arlo being raised there from 0- 7 months
  • mom and daddy's first house
  • so many parties
  • my first steps
  • my first sleepover
  • Gus's first sleepover
  • all my birthdays
  • all Gus's birthdays 

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