Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Path

This is the path that connects my parents' house to my house: that connects the house I grew up in to the house my kids have been growing up in.
This path leads to our house of nine years, the only place I have ever moved into, the only place I have ever been married in. It's the only place I have ever been a mother in. And soon, we are leaving.
We aren't going far, just a mile down the road.
But my kids won't be able to run to their grandparents house to grab a banana. They won't be able to look out their windows and see their Oma putting clothes on the line.
That path will need to be torn out. The grass will grow back in it's spot, and I'll make a new home at the other end of town.
At the other end of town there is an old cottage that I love, a cottage that Tom and I will buy together, an old cottage that we will turn into our home.
And one day we will probably bring home a fourth baby to that old cottage. And we'll host parties and we'll hang pictures and we'll plant a garden.
And I am so excited for the life that we will live just one mile away, but first we have to leave, and boy is leaving hard.

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