Monday, May 4, 2015

This Weekend We // Evolution of a Long Distance Relationship

We've been making the trek to visit Matt and Carrie for years now. The first few times on weekends when my mom had taken Sena and Gus to Ocracoke. We would stay up late in drinking Moscow Mules while a middle school aged Jake played guitar while we sang made up songs. We would take too many pictures with my Instax camera, order pizzas when we got hungry.

We still drink Moscow Mules, and we still order those late night pizzas. But these days Jake doesn't hang out with us as long, and we go to bed early with our toddlers and babies.  I haven't pulled out that Instax camera in ages.

These days half the entertainment revolves around watching Arlo and Felix. Late night raunchy stand-up watching was replaced with The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Tom and Matt still look like brothers. We still always make a cheese board. Things change. Things stay the same. We all have twice as many children as when we first started making the most of friendship separated by too many miles. 

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