Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Second Month

Oh my Miss James, these pictures don't tell the story of your sweet gummy smile, your very first trick, the small, simple development that made you feel so much more human, so much less lump. 

You like to fall asleep slumped over on the forearms of the folks you love, and you enjoy laying across my knees, staring at the ground below you. I look into your eyes and imagine that you are the child who will look the most like me. 

At night when you lay beside me, you turn on your charms, flashing your brightest grins, soaking up the moments when none of your siblings distract me from you. In the mornings, Arlo comes in to tell you about his dreams, and you patiently listen to his excited words. 

Your aunt is growing you a best friend next door, and we are so excited for her to make her way earthside and introduce you to one another.  So many adventures to be had. So many matching costumes to dress you two in.

You are a part of a great and growing tribe,  sweet Alamae James. We are all so lucky to have each other.  Never forget that. I certainly never will. 

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